Converting Groupon Massage Clients Into Regulars

If gouponyou’ve decided to run a Groupon campaign to attract new clients, prepare to get busy! Here are a few things I’ve done that I believe helped convert Groupon clients into repeat, regular clients.

  • I already had online scheduling on my website. Although not all of my Groupon clients used it, many of them did, which minimizes phone tag. I tried Full Slate because I get a discount through my liability insurance provider (ABMP), and I’m pleased with it (clients have told me it’s very easy to use).
  • I created a mindset of gratitude for my Groupon clients, even though I wasn’t earning much from them individually (initially). I gave each and every client the very best I have to offer so they could truly experience what makes me unique and worth revisiting.
  • I had deeply discounted packages* available to offer anyone who wanted to rebook. Clients LOVE packages and they virtually guarantee rebooking. Since my packages were so inexpensive, they were extremely easy to sell. Click here to read more about how my packages were structured.
  • I allow thirty minutes between clients regardless of how they are paying. This might sound like a lot of time, but I find it goes really fast. It gives them time to get up and dressed, drink some water and reorient, ask questions, discuss treatment options, pay and rebook. It gives me plenty of time for these tasks without rushing them, as well as washing up, using the restroom, grabbing a snack, changing linens, returning calls/texts/emails, making notes and preparing for my next client. Plus, I seldom have clients crossing paths in the waiting area, which gives the impression they’re my only client instead of my next client. It’s a little thing that I believe makes clients feel special.
  • I asked EVERY client if they wanted to reschedule before they left.
  • I paused my deal once clients had to wait two weeks to get on my schedule. I remained busy enough that I kept it paused until 2016 when my practice needed a boost.

I also want to mention a mistake I made early on that cost me some money. After you redeem a Groupon, a screen will come up prompting you to enter a tip amount (the mobile app looks a bit different than this, but hopefully you get the idea). THE TIP FIELD IS FOR YOUR RECORDS ONLY. It DOES NOT charge the client’s credit card. If clients want to use a credit card for a tip, you must run it through your credit card swiper (please tell me you’re accepting credit cards).


I sincerely hope you have the same success I have using Groupon to grow your massage practice. I see it as a valuable tool to reach new clients in a way that is simply impossible (in my experience) otherwise. Once they’re in the door, the rest is up to you. Discover how I used Groupon to practically fill my massage practice in less than a year here. Without this system, I wouldn’t even have a practice that I love!

Have you used Groupon to market your practice? Please share your experience in the comments. Thank you!

Booked and Busy subscribers have exclusive access to the Booked and Busy Bonus Room on Facebook. This free group provides resources (including a “5 Steps to Turn New Clients into Regulars” guide) for getting more clients so you can make more money while helping more people!

*In late 2016, I introduced a single session pay-as-you go monthly incentive as an alternative to packages. It has improved my cash flow and still makes converting Groupon clients easy.

About deepheeling

I'm an ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!
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