Getting Liked on Your Website

7-Cs-of-TrustBusiness is about relationships. Since I tend to do business with people I like, I believe getting potential clients to like me based on what they find on my website increases the chance that they’ll book an appointment. I try to do that by:

  • respecting their time
  • earning their trust
  • sharing about myself

I respect their time by being clear about my practice and having online scheduling. Photos of me doing barefoot massage and my treatment space answer a lot of questions for those who are unfamiliar with what I do. I’m up front about my limited offerings on my Home and Fees and Services pages so I don’t have anyone showing up for an appointment expecting a traditional massage session, only to decide they aren’t interested in Ashiatsu (awkward!). Having the option to book online allows interested visitors to see my openings and schedule a session any time of day (or night) without having to wait for a return phone call or email.

Knowing how someone like them has benefited from doing business with me earns trust. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and on my website, it takes the form of testimonials. Two common testimonial themes I’ve noticed are that I listen to my clients and that I’m a healer, qualities that I hope appeal to people searching for a barefoot massage therapist. Posting pictures of clients who’ve submitted testimonials makes them real people and helps potential clients see themselves in my practice. Having testimonials on several pages of my site (not just the Reviews page) establishes those positive attributes in different aspects of the client experience and assures that the majority of visitors will see at least one of them.

Giving website visitors a glimpse of who I am helps them decide if we have anything in common. The About Me page includes a photo of me, describes cubin groovywhy I specialize and my business philosophy, and ends with a sprinkling of personal information. Anyone who reads the Twitter feed on my website gets a snapshot of my interests, passions and obsessions. My last five tweets (technically retweets) to date are about post-massage hydration, a random act of kindness, a motivational quote, a solar water purification system in Mexico and my favorite Denver Bronco. Pinterest users can follow me by clicking a button and see that I have boards about client specials, gardening and this blog (among others).

Obviously, not everyone who visits my website is going to like me or what I have to offer. Those who do are more likely to contact me or book an appointment, both of which help me create a successful practice that I love!

What do you do to get liked on your website? Please share your strategies in the comments. Thank you!

12.12.15: I recently changed some of the the testimonials on my site to reflect my exclusive offering of barefoot bodywork (these clients didn’t provide photos) and removed the Twitter timeline because it loaded at the top of a cell phone screen rather than my home page content.

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About deepheeling

I'm an ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!
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2 Responses to Getting Liked on Your Website

  1. Stephanie Van Bogart says:

    Very well said and good strategy! Should be helpful to others.


    • Thank you! I hope it’s helpful. In our electronic world, website content is often the way consumers choose who they do business with (myself included). Science indicates we decide if we like someone before we determine their competency, quite the opposite of winning customers by highlighting credentials.



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