Keeping Consistent Office Hours

It’s in my nature to help anyone who asks. As a caring service provider growing a business, it’s difficult for me to say no to clients, especially if they want to book an I’ve struggled with keeping set business hours. Anytime I’m unable to honor a client’s request I risk losing their business, which may lead to less income and can create negative public relations.

When I opened Get Deep Massage (now Deep Heeling), I had lots of time open for clients but knew that was temporary (I believed I would be successful, which is essential for success). Over time, I knew I’d fill my schedule and have less to offer. I made a conscious decision at the onset of my practice to have specific hours available based on when I wanted to work and when I felt comfortable seeing clients I didn’t know. I also designated two days off per week and limited the number of clients I see each day so I would avoid overuse injuries (click here to learn about my experience with those).

Upholding this boundary has been challenging! There have been weeks that I was slow and got a call on my day off for an appointment later that day. I’ve had weeks that were so booked I couldn’t squeeze anyone else in unless I scheduled them outside of regular business hours. Turning people down who benefit from my services (and increase my revenue) is hard, but I’ve stuck with it for these reasons:

  • Clients receive better massages when I want to be there and I’m not overworked.
  • I attract clients who are available when I do my best work with a predictable schedule.
  • Without adequate self-care, I have a greater chance of getting sick. If I’m sick, I can’t give massages.

None of these reasons made it any easier to turn down bookings. After grappling with this dilemma for over a year, I came up with a solution. I now charge extra for appointments booked outside of my accept.refuseregular hours ($10 more per half-hour). I’ve found this has reduced the number of these requests, and if a client really needs to see me when I’m usually off I make a little extra money for extending that courtesy. I keep a cancellation list for clients who prefer to come in during business hours who I can’t fit in when they contact me, which has worked fantastically for me and them!

Massage therapy is a physically and energetically demanding job. It’s my responsibility to take care of myself so I can give my clients the service they deserve, and having a consistent schedule keeps me engaged and deters burnout. It’s an important part of maintaining a practice that I love!

Do you have a set schedule or is it more flexible? What advantages or disadvantages do you experience as a result? Please share your insights in the comments. Thank you!

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For “Three Reasons You Need to Set Office Hours” from Erin E. Flynn, click here.

About deepheeling

I'm an ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!
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2 Responses to Keeping Consistent Office Hours

  1. Sounds like you have found some good time management solutions – solutions that would work in industries other than massage too. Thanks for the post.



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