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I'm an Ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!

8 Ways to Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Getting and keeping clients is by far the greatest challenge massage therapists express about their practices. Seeing clients only once will not create a thriving, sustainable business. We have to bring them back often to make our … Continue reading

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Second Year Success Stories

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST In this past year of writing the blog, my practice has risen to new levels. The cash flow and tax payment inconsistencies that have plagued me from the beginning are over! Most of my triumphs came from going against … Continue reading

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How to Get and Keep More Clients

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Getting and keeping clients isn’t rocket science. It’s really more of a social science because it’s like hosting a party (or several short parties per day). So what makes a party so exceptional that people will remember … Continue reading

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3 Things to Say That Get More Rebookings

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST One of the most challenging parts about having my own practice has been learning how to talk to clients. Specifically, I’ve struggled with what to say to encourage rebooking and continuing visits. I never wanted to be pushy … Continue reading

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Bucking the Email Marketing Trend

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Although I rock at following up with new clients, I choose not to pursue those who fall off the schedule. I know, we’re supposed to stay in touch with email marketing or a monthly newsletter. This keeps … Continue reading

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Best Facebook Features for Your Practice

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST By the time you read this, it may be obsolete. That’s because I’m writing about Facebook. Just when you think you have it figured out, they change something. Regardless, the expectation to have a Facebook presence for … Continue reading

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Why Clients Don’t Come Back (and How to Change That)

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST There are lots of reasons new clients don’t come back. Sometimes, our personalities simply don’t mesh. There’s not much we can do about that. However, there are many things we can do that increase the chances that … Continue reading

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