Booked & Busy in 90 Days™

This call helped provide clarity, opened possibilities and widened my view. The follow up email was thoughtful and a huge value because it buttoned up the call and re-emphasized my questions. I would recommend this process to anyone serious about building their business.” – Deanna; Reno, NV

Booked and Busy in 90 Days™

Having your own massage practice is awesome! You get to serve clients authentically in the way you know will benefit them most. Right now, you’re already working on a few clients in your own practice and you’re ready to make it your only source of income. You’re motivated, dedicated and you have amazing skills to offer your clients. It’s time to earn the living you deserve while helping others live better lives.

There’s just one catch: you need more clients to make enough money to live on. You’ve tried different marketing tools and techniques but aren’t getting the results you want. This is creating:

  • stress
  • disappointment
  • desperation

You’re starting to doubt your vision and wonder if your dream is even possible.

What you need is a proven strategy to:

  • get more clients on your table
  • build a sustainable, profitable practice
  • support yourself and your family

It’s all about learning how to attract your ideal clients, giving them what they want and bringing them back often. By determining what your goals are, you’ll be able to create a Groupon campaign (yep, Groupon really works once you know how to use it) with massive exposure that will resonate with the people looking for what you have to offer.

I know Groupon has a bad reputation within the massage industry. They’ve made some changes that make it work better for solo providers than it did a few years ago. That being said, their priority is to sell vouchers rather than to craft customized campaigns to meet the unique needs of your practice. That’s where I come in. For just $39, I’ll help you build a strategy that serves YOU so you can start earning the income you desire doing what you love.

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute. Why would I pay you when I can just call Groupon and set up a deal?” Here’s why: because you’ll get better results. I’ll ask you what you want to accomplish and guide you toward making it a reality so you can:

  • structure your deal to maximize the potential of Groupon
  • avoid common pitfalls
  • understand how to make the most of their platform while earning more money for yourself instead of them

I don’t work for Groupon, I work for you. Using this system is the best investment you’ll ever make to grow your practice quickly.

Are you curious about how a Groupon deal can grow your practice? If you want to start seeing more clients instead of trying to find them, start HERE. You’ll discover how to get more clients (and make more money) in less time without costly advertising or awkward  networking. I’m SO excited to work with you and get your practice growing!

“Groupon was an amazing tool because they do the marketing for you. This is an opportunity people need to be coached through because there’s so much distrust.” – Kristen; Seattle, WA