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Policies Are Made To Be Bent

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST A recurring theme I see in massage blogs, magazines and Facebook groups is owning our worth. This gets tested when we’re presented with situations that we’ve created policies to address, such as cancellations, late arrivals and expiration … Continue reading

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A Different Approach To Raising Prices

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST An inevitable business decision that I’ve struggled with over the course of owning my practice is raising prices. Earlier this year, I found that I still wasn’t earning enough to get where I want to be financially. … Continue reading

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Not All Cancellations Are Created Equal

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Cancellations suck, especially when they happen with too little notice to fill them. Often, this is the case when clients are sick. So what’s the best policy for cancellations due to illness? Most of the advise I’ve … Continue reading

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Crashing a Perfect Massage Space

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST I’ve been keeping a secret. For the past year, my practice has been under siege by a seemingly uncontrollable conflict of interest. This has made me sad, angry, hopeless, optimistic, frustrated, and in the end, totally bewildered … Continue reading

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Which Modalities Get the Most Clients?

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST In the beginning of every massage practice (and along the way), there’s a decision to be made. What services and modalities will be on the menu? This decision says so much about us and yet, we often … Continue reading

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5 Business Beliefs That Keep Us Stuck

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Our beliefs are an integral part of who we are. We make all of our decisions based on them, whether or not those beliefs truly support our growth as people and business owners. Most of our beliefs … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Getting and keeping clients is by far the greatest challenge massage therapists express about their practices. Seeing clients only once will not create a thriving, sustainable business. We have to bring them back often to make our … Continue reading

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