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How Using Groupon Keeps On Giving

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST Last month, I kept a client diary at Booked and Busy on Facebook to illustrate how using Groupon continues to make me money even though I haven’t had an active deal in six months. The results were extraordinary! … Continue reading

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Why Cost Per Client Doesn’t Matter

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST If you’ve ever questioned my business philosophy, this may be another one of those times. One of my clients who is also a massage therapist asked me if I knew my cost per client. My answer was … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Clients Coming From?

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST I’m more of a New Year’s reflection than resolution kind of person. When it comes to my business, I like to review the past year and look for what worked, what didn’t and what I can do differently before setting … Continue reading

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Groupon v. Living Social: Which Works Better?

Earlier this year, I had several regular clients leave my practice (temporarily or permanently) for various reasons. Besides running my own daily deal to fill my schedule, I also reached out to Living Social. I had contacted my Groupon rep … Continue reading

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Direct Daily Deal Disappointment

As I was beginning my third year in business, I lost several regular clients. One weekly two-hour client moved to southeast Asia for her dream career opportunity. Then, a twice-per-week client went on a six week vacation and hasn’t been … Continue reading

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5 Benefits to Online Scheduling

I’ve often said that the growth of the massage profession is due to the invention of the answering machine. Until then, therapists either needed someone answering the phone to book appointments for them while they were with clients, or had … Continue reading

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Converting Groupon Massage Clients Into Regulars

If you’ve decided to run a Groupon campaign to attract new clients, prepare to get busy! Here are a few things I’ve done that I believe helped convert Groupon clients into repeat, regular clients. I already had online scheduling on … Continue reading

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