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Why Clients Don’t Come Back (and How to Change That)

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST There are lots of reasons new clients don’t come back. Sometimes, our personalities simply don’t mesh. There’s not much we can do about that. However, there are many things we can do that increase the chances that … Continue reading

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Timeless Tax Prep Tools and Tips

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST When I began my blog in 2015, one of my clients who is a massage therapist told me she wanted to know more about taxes. I bet she’s not alone. That’s why I have continued to document … Continue reading

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What’s Your Biggest Practice-Building Mistake?

LISTEN TO PODCAST We all make mistakes. Often, they lead to valuable lessons. Since I can only share so many experiences to make your massage business journey easier, I’ve enlisted the help of these wise and generous massage therapists, educators, … Continue reading

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Achieving Estimated Tax Payment Mastery

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST This may be my last post about taxes. Not because they aren’t important but because mastering business taxes isn’t really that complicated. It’s an experiment of trial and error that every self-employed person must perform. My journey … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Loyalty Program?

Having consistent clients keeps you busy and protects your income from fluctuating. Using incentives to get clients to book more often is an excellent way to build a practice (in my experience). Whether or not you need to incorporate a … Continue reading

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Favorite First Year Posts

My blog turned a year old this week. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented and shared my adventure! As I look back over my first twenty-nine posts, I have some updates, insights, confessions and reflections for you. By sharing … Continue reading

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What’s in a Business Name?

Anyone I know who’s had a baby has put some thought into naming their child. They tend to choose a name they connect with, either because it belongs to someone they love and/or admire or they just like the name. … Continue reading

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