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Slashing the Website Building Learning Curve

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST I’m surprised by how many massage therapists I know (online or in person) who don’t have a website. In today’s world, consumers are using online searches to find service providers more than any other method. If you … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Clients Coming From?

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST I’m more of a New Year’s reflection than resolution kind of person. When it comes to my business, I like to review the past year and look for what worked, what didn’t and what I can do differently before setting … Continue reading

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What Didn’t You Learn in Massage School?

I’m SO excited to share these tips with you! I reached out to other massage therapists, writers and educators and asked them this question: What didn’t you learn in massage school that your wish you had? A good percentage of … Continue reading

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Favorite First Year Posts

My blog turned a year old this week. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented and shared my adventure! As I look back over my first twenty-nine posts, I have some updates, insights, confessions and reflections for you. By sharing … Continue reading

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SEO In Action

WARNING: This blog post contains humor that may be considered in poor taste. Reader discretion is advised. I had been in business for a year when I moved into a new office. Shortly after, two young men showed up one … Continue reading

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Moving Up the Search Engine

I recently saw this joke on Twitter: Where do companies go to die? The answer is page two of Google (ba-dum-bum-chhh). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic among  web design and business writers for good reason. With more … Continue reading

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5 Benefits to Online Scheduling

I’ve often said that the growth of the massage profession is due to the invention of the answering machine. Until then, therapists either needed someone answering the phone to book appointments for them while they were with clients, or had … Continue reading

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