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To Discount or Not To Discount

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST The topic of discounting massage services has come up recently in a couple of Facebook groups I’m a member of (Massage Success Group being one of them). It seems there are two main camps: those who never … Continue reading

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Why Cost Per Client Doesn’t Matter

LISTEN TO BLOGCAST If you’ve ever questioned my business philosophy, this may be another one of those times. One of my clients who is also a massage therapist asked me if I knew my cost per client. My answer was … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Loyalty Program?

Having consistent clients keeps you busy and protects your income from fluctuating. Using incentives to get clients to book more often is an excellent way to build a practice (in my experience). Whether or not you need to incorporate a … Continue reading

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Crafting a Cancellation Policy

I’m not a fan of business policies mainly because enforcing them usually leads to an uncomfortable conversation where I feel bad standing up for myself. For whatever reason, compromising my boundaries seems preferable to upsetting, or worse, losing clients. Several … Continue reading

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Charging What I’m Worth

How much is a massage worth? Someone whose life has been dramatically changed from receiving massage will probably respond differently than someone who gets a massage once a year as a birthday gift. Some people would consider the skill and … Continue reading

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